May 1955

Brown II was handed down from the Supreme Court to clarify the May 1954 ruling on desegregation. The term "all deliberate speed" and its varied interpretations had southern states stalling desegregation in their schools.

May 24, 1955

The Little Rock School Board began presenting plans for gradual desegregation.
This was later called the “Blossom Plan” after Little Rock School District Superintendent Virgil Blossom.

July 11, 1955

The tiny northeast Arkansas town of Hoxie began integration with the enrollment of twenty-five Negro students. Unfortunately, after a Life magazine story about the event
came out, hate mail from bigger cities began streaming in. Segregationists stalled
the school year until a federal court barred the organized white opposition.

July 14, 1955

North Little Rock chooses a desegregation plan for the 1957 school year to begin in its high schools.